Referral Program:

  • Refer us to your friend, co-worker, or neighbor and for any closed job a $1,000 or more we get from you as a referral, we will send you $100 check.
  • Have a Friend with a Smaller Project? Closed Jobs from $225-$999 we will send you a $25 check.
  • People love referring Monster Contractor to their friends. Now, by taking advantage of our program, everyone wins. You get a $100 check in the mail from us, and the loved ones you refer to us get a job well done, backed by our 2 year workmanship warranty.
  • Plus at the end of the year, one lucky person who referred business to us in that year will be selected to receive $500.
  • When you take advantage of  Monster Contractor’s referral program, everyone wins! 

Referral Program Rules:

  1. The referral must be brought to Monster Contractor’s attention either before or no later than the first meeting with the referred client
  2. The Referral will be paid after the final payment has been made for the project.
  3. The Referral amount will be paid from the original signed contract. 
  4. Payments over $599.99 require a W-9 to be filled out and a 1099 issued to comply with the IRS
  5. Must Be a Prior Client to Participate, Current & Previous Employees Ineligible.

The Repeat Customer Program:

  • $100 credit towards your completed project with a signed contract $1000 – $14,999
  • $200 credit towards your completed project with a signed contract $15,000+

Repeat Customer Program Rules:

  1. The credit  will be used towards the final payment of the project
  2. The credit  amount will be paid from the original signed contract – change orders or future contracts are not included


 The Referral and Repeat Customer Programs are valid from January 31, 2017 – January 31, 2018


You Must Mention This Program in Advance to Qualify.