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Global temperatures are rising and there is already tremendous pressure on conventional resources. Scientists have long predicted that global warming will bring serious changes the climate of planet earth. With this in mind, there is an urgent need for people and business to work together for the greater good of ourselves and the planet. At Monster Contractor, we have taken steps in the great direction of global consciousness. To help individuals better contribute to their part of saving this beautiful planet, we are entering the field of Green Building, North Highlands CA. Green building (aka sustainable building or green construction) refers to structures and processes which are environmentally friendly and responsible in North Highlands California.

Building green is based on the idea that a building be self-sufficient; a resource-conscientious building combined with energy efficiency for North Highlands. A building’s life cycle takes it through design, pre-construction, construction, maintenance, operation, renovation, and then eventually demolition. We take great care in planning your green building so that there is minimal damage to the environment over the course of its lifetime. For North Highlands, green construction design includes finding the best balance between building and our sustainable yet warm climate.

People simply cannot go on polluting the atmosphere and degrading the land, Contemporary methods of world industry and the escalating hunger for energy have to stop. Until that is globally possible, we can each only do our part to contribute and the best way of doing this is by constructing eco-friendly buildings when we must build. Doing this is not as simple as it seems. It requires close cooperation with the design team, architects, engineers, and the client in all project stages. We need to use the latest scientific advances to ensure the biggest benefit for the most reasonable costs. Building green will be more expensive to implement but will yield financial, social and ethical benefits over time.

How can we bring global change just by constructing a few eco-friendly buddings? Since we will always need to build, a step in the right direction would be to first do no harm to the environment or at least do as little harm as possible. The good thing is, you do not have to abandon all your comforts or luxuries in order to help the environment. It is our promise that your eco-friendly structure will not be lacking in comfort or modern amenities. In fact, it may be more comfortable, spacious and inviting than any other structure in your neighborhood, all while being more sustainable in the process. The Green Building approach complements the same classic building design concerns of economy, durability, utility, and comfort. Call Monster Contractor Green Construction for your North Highlands building project today.

Green Building
Eco Friendly Building

Before constructing any Green Building within North Highlands, we need to develop a detailed plan. This includes us sitting with you and discussing your requirements, preferences and vision. We will also look to science advancements in this field so we can be sure to use the most efficient design strategy for today.

Our team of experts consists of experienced members who will use their expertise to leverage the best possible ways for constructing your eco-friendly building according to your vision and state and local codes. We will depend on the North Highlands Leadership Environmental and Energy Design (LEED) rating system during the design stage and will carry that through pre-construction, construction, maintenance and the operation of your green building to confirm that it is developed and maintained under the U.S. Green Building Council guidelines.

New technology is constantly being discovered and implemented to add to or even replace current practices in North Highlands green building construction, but our common goal remains to build green with construction designed to reduce the impact on our environment and our health by:

  • Efficiently using water, energy, and additional resources
  • Protecting tenant or resident health, or improving employee’s productivity
  • Reducing pollution, waste and environmental decay

Green construction building is still a new concept in North Highlands. It is usually on a smaller scale and focuses on using resources and materials that are available locally in North Highlands California. Related fields include green architecture and sustainable design plans. Sustainability is defined in part as reaching the needs of current generations without damaging the capability of our children or future generations to meet the needs of their society.

There are many green building programs that do not address the issue of retro-fitting existing North Highlands homes. Some do offer retro-fit options and include relief allowances toward energy efficient rehabs. In North Highlands California, our Legislature is working toward increasing green construction and building for future generations. The principle of green construction can be applied to retrofit existing buildings as well as to new construction. In a 2009 report from the United States General Service Administration, findings showed that 12 green buildings examined costed less to operate and had stellar energy performance.

Also, the findings showed that tenants were far more satisfied with the overall green building than with the commercial buildings or homes of old. When it comes to sustainable building in North Highlands, most people don’t know that blown and rigid foamed insulation can be used since it is made of various plastics; or that the use of plastic in construction and building often creates less greenhouse gas and uses less energy than traditional building materials.

The importance of a green building is not hard to understand. The magic formula to making it successful is in leaving the lightest footprint we can on our environment. Sustainable green building or green construction design provides the opportunity to use resources in the most effective way, while building more energy-efficient and healthier commercial and residential buildings.

Green building design in North Highlands involves honoring that delicate balance between environment and structure. As our collective green philosophy grows, pressures will continue to mount to increase earth-friendly solutions. Cities, counties, and states have proposed regulations, taxes, and incentives that have since been introduced to our legislatures to see that happen. Monster Contractor Green Construction of North Highlands focuses on conservation of local resources while balancing cost-effective, energy efficient, low maintenance products into green construction.
Protecting our environment for future generations is inspiring and immediately beneficial.

By constructing green buildings that are equipped with solar panels, there is less dependency on the power company’s grid for its energy needs. Using cutting-edge technology and the best scientific methods, we have also discovered that installing some plants in the building produces oxygen and restores carbon, ultimately helping us and mother nature.

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Green Building Construction in North Highlands

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