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Our Penryn Insurance Restoration team provides complete cleaning, focusing on odor removal, neutralization of smoke or water damage, storage and "pack-out". We can also help you with electronics, furniture, and appliance cleaning and restoration.

After the cleaning process comes the restoration of your home or business. Your property will feel like never before and will be more beautiful and stronger than before. During the restoration process we will also fix any design flaws and restore everything according to the disaster policy of the Penryn region so that your property is far less likely to ever face such damage ever again.

Our Insurance Restoration service has earned the confidence of commercial businesses, homeowners, restaurants, office complexes, and other institutions. Monster Insurance Restoration is a Penryn based, family run business, bonded, licensed, and insured. Monster Contractor has an excellent rating with online reviewers. Please call us to schedule an appointment and see how Monster Construction can help you get your life back. 916-550-4381 We are all you need for a complete solution to your renovation and insurance restoration needs in Penryn California.

Insurance Restoration of Damage


Fire spreads through a process called combustion and the process of combustion depends on the accelerant and availability of oxygen. There is no scarcity of oxygen on the planet, which is why fire can spread at a fast pace and fighting it can become nearly impossible.

With fire damages in Penryn your business or home you will need a fast response and quick answers. Our fire damage contractor can give you a detailed damage report and reconstruction agenda. Our Monster Insurance Restoration Construction issues an odor removal and unconditional smoke guarantee on the life of your home. Our Contractors will locate issues and repair all areas, eliminating odors at its source.


In Penryn, water damage can take the form of burst pipes, roof leaks, washing machine failures, and dishwashers. Water intrusion often causes significant damage to businesses and homes. In many cases, leaking water damages the foundation of the infrastructure itself. Monster Contractor offers emergency water extraction service which will restore the damaged areas to their original condition. Our air movers, water extractors, and driers are available for any size water disaster.

We use the best and most advanced equipment in removing the water. If there is any damage to the building, our restoration team can fix that as well. All you need to do is make a call to be on the road to restoring your property after water intrusion.


Penryn sees its share of wind and weather. Often times it can inflict extreme damage on a business or home. Small dust particles in regular winds erode the outer surface of any infrastructure over time. The moisture present in wind can lead to several chemical processes that will damage stucco, wood and other walls. It is important for you to keep up with regular property maintenance and take quick action in case of any visible damage.

With severe weather like wind or lightning, you may face frozen pipes or material compromise (such a roofing tiles or your property’s siding). Monster Contractor Insurance Restoration in Penryn has the needed experience to arrive immediately and prevent continued destruction. Once the immediate threat is neutralized, we will proceed to restore your home to its original state.


Every state in the country has a policy against drinking and driving but sometimes people think they are ok to drive when they really aren’t. Also, sometimes that moving van or delivery truck backs up a little too far. Either way, you may have damage to your business or home. Vehicle impact damage could require minor or extreme restoration construction. Contact your insurance company and then reach out to us for Insurance Restoration services in Penryn.

Monster Contractor has a crew of skilled carpenters and exterior specialists who understand structural, foundation, siding and trim restoration needs and can repair even the most severe damage. When impact damage appears to be minor, our Penryn contractors still know to look for unseen structural issues to guard against more serious issues developing later. We can and will return your business or home to the original condition before vehicle damage.

Monster Contractor uses its own team of carpenters on every restoration job. We begin every commercial and residential claim by assessing your structure for any damage and noting even the smallest detail. Monster Contractor Insurance Restoration will look for any unknown structural damages to ensure a more serious problem does not develop later. Our Insurance Restoration experts then proceed to develop a restoration plan for you that considers every element needed to finish the project according to current codes, on time and to your satisfaction.

An insurance restoration recommendation is submitted according to our customer's need and the current laws. Monster Contractor Insurance Restoration of Penryn is compliant with building ordinances and appropriate zoning. We can even itemize are store your belongings in temperature regulated storage until the reconstruction is finished.

What if I have a disaster?

The word “disaster” frightens people. In any emergency, the most important thing is to not panic. Remember, this too shall pass. Your first priority will be to keep your family safe. After that, focus on what good might come out of it; clear your mind and think of the opportunities this may be creating. After that, leave all your construction worries to a company that offers the best in insurance restoration for Penryn CA. Contact your insurance company right away, then call Monster Contractor to begin the process of rebuilding your home.

Who Do I contact to secure my property?

Your insurance policy says it is your duty to:

  • Report the loss to your insurance carrier in a timely manner
  • Prevent additional damage when securing your property by whatever means needed to mitigate your losses (and ensure all debris are secured to
    prevent injury). Monster Insurance Restoration, can help with that.

Should I get a Public Adjuster (PA)?

Whether or not you need a Public Adjust really depends on the extent of the damage. If you suffered a significant commercial loss or large contents claim, you might need a Public Adjuster (PA). In many cases, your qualified insurance restoration construction contractor and cleaner will assist your needs and aid you with dealing with your insurance carrier by you with an estimate that includes a detailed inventory of belongings and needed repairs. Your insurance carrier will work with your contractor of choice in the State of California.

You must negotiate your loss on all compiled paperwork. A PA can charge upwards of 10% on average to make the paperwork while never doing any work on your property. Most insurance policies do not cover that PA fee as part the settlement. Many PA's hire an insurance restoration contractor to provide their estimate and compile their client’s paperwork anyway and charge an additional fee for that. Haven’t you suffered enough already? As a qualified Penryn insurance restoration contractor, Monster Contractor will include this service as part of your claims process without the additional inflated cost.

Don’t I need to get 3 estimates?

No. Your insurance carrier will work with any licensed contractor you choose in California. They require paperwork to negotiate a loss based on the agreed scope of repairs and lost items. You can submit one scope of repairs or two or three. Your insurance carrier has to negotiate payment terms based on the contractor you select. Unfortunately, your insurance doesn’t cover everything, but we know how to help you get the most out of your coverage.

How will I know how much the insurance restoration contractor will bill me, in excess of what my Insurance carrier covers?

Ask us. Many insurance companies and contractors use Xactimate software for estimating. Monster Contractor will let you know if an agreement was made with your insurance carrier regarding costs. If you do not choose Monster Contractor, get your selected contractor’s bid in writing and their acceptance of your insurance reimbursement for the agreed amount of work. A good contractor will clarify what the out of pocket expense will be, not covered by the insurance settlement.

Monster Contractor is a full-service General Contractor and Construction Company located in Penryn. We provide our industrial, commercial & residential clients with premier service and quality assistance throughout the greater Penryn area. We work hard to provide what seems to have been lacking in recent years: a contractor who wants to provide quality service at a fair price. As a result, many of our clients call us back year after year.

Our clients love the personal attention and quality of service. Plus, they know that we are available 24/7 and have a mobile app (that is just the icing on the cake). When we get busy, our regular clients are always happy to wait because they know we provide the quality service they expect of us year after year.

If you haven't tried Monster Contractor before, why not call now and go with a company thousands of clients call year after year.

Monster Contractor of Penryn is a fully licensed and insured construction company. Whether you need commercial, industrial or residential construction, we'll have our best journeymen on the project. We have over 50 years combined experience in the commercial construction and industrial construction industries. Our Property Maintenance experience, like electrical, plumbing, gutter cleaning, etc. will keep help your Penryn facility running smoothly. Commercial Tenant Improvement in Penryn is easy with us. Apartment building and property owners have trusted us for years to improve the lives of their tenants.

From small projects to new builds, we have managed all types of Construction Management projects in and around Penryn, California. Retirement homes, government offices and apartment buildings are just some of the Facility Maintenance services we offer. We work directly with YGRENE and HERO on Green Building Construction  and can be your ally on energy-proofing your property in Penryn. We have the best solutions for all aspects of home remodeling and Residential Construction in Penryn.

Are you doing a Penryn Home RemodelRoom Addition? Kitchen Remodel? Whether it’s a bathroom remodel or complete or partial remodel, we can simplify your remodeling needs. Call Monsters Concrete for a complete estimate to repair foundations and other concrete products. We even have Home Maintenance  and home cleaning solutions and can make ourselves available for the smallest detail. Earthquake Damage Restoration and retrofit as well as Fire Damage Restoration mitigation can be expensive if you’re not familiar with restoration in Penryn. Insurance Restoration and working with insurance companies is difficult. Let our experience simplify the process. Storm Damage Restoration can happen at any time of year. We offer services for each season. Water Damage Restoration from leaks can destroy your home. Fast comprehensive repair from Monsters Roofing is the best solution.

Insurance Restoration in Penryn

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